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Nature's Beauty Secret:

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Mountains and Sun


About Dominica 


We are always looking for the most natural route here at Nature Island Importers, and Dominica's energy always provides! Dominica is an island comprised of NINE active volcanoes and lush rainforests (along with a multitude of rivers, waterfalls and beautiful beaches); with these natural wonders come incredibly therapeutic sulphur hot springs. We at Nature Island Importers hand extract pure sulphur clay straight from these springs and bottle it up to share with you. The clay has only three ingredients: sulphur, iron and calcium. It cannot get any more natural than this! 

Volcanic Sulphur Cream/Mineral Clay

Sulphur is a mineral naturally occuring near hot springs and volcanic craters. Sulphur has been used medicinally since ancient times, and it is contained in every cell in your body. It is a component of three different amino acids (the building blocks that make up protein).It is known as “Nature’s Beauty Mineral” because your body needs it to manufacture collagen, which keeps your skin elastic, beautiful, and young looking, slowing down the aging process.


Sulphur not only helps the body to resist bacteria but actually destroy it.


We at Nature Island Importers strive for the most natural organic ingredients. What can be more natural than Mother Nature herself.

We do not add any ingredients to the clay- Containing:

Sulphur-helps promote collagen

Calcium- strengthens bones to prevent osteoporosis and helps to regulate bodily functions.  It is essential to the function of many internal organs such as the heart.

Iron-builds up the quality of your blood, prevents stress and fatigue and improves skin tone.  It also builds resistance to disease and aids in muscle function.


We hand harvest this mineral clay from the hot pools at the base of the volcanoes on the island of Dominica- located between Martinique and Guadeloupe.  It is also FDA approved for the treatment of acne- and Leaping Bunny Certified. It detoxifies the body and helps with every conceivable skin irritation from eczema, arthritis, bug bites, sunburns, itchy skin,rashes, bronchitis, tuberculosis, high blood pressure and more.


Our Volcanic Sulphur Cream/Mineral Clay  works to cleanse and purify your skin by killing bacteria and removing dead skin cells and to keep you looking as young as possible!



For thousands of years, Sulphur mineral baths were employed for skin and joint problems. Sulphur compounds would stick to the skin and suppress or heal symptoms.


Countries with high sulphur intake are some of the healthiest.  Is it coincidental that Dominica, Greece, Italy, and Japan – countries that are the primary suppliers of sulfur to the rest of the world, enjoy some of the lowest rates of heart disease, obesity and increased longevity on the planet? Perhaps not.  Dominica , the Nature Island of the Caribbean, is gaining recognition as a modern day “Fountain of Youth”  and has the highest percentage of centenarians per capita in the world, with a population of 70,000. There are currently twenty-seven (27) centenarians on island. The world’s oldest human being once lived in Dominica was 128 years when she died on October 14th, 2003.








To use our product:  Wet skin and apply in a thick layer. Add a little water to the jar if the clay has dried out. Leave on for 20 minutes or longer and rinse just like any mask OR if you don’t have 20 min, wet your face and put it on as you get in the shower then rinse your face as your last shower task (Emese has begun doing this as an exfoliation several times a week, and her skin is the happiest it’s ever been!!)


For a sweet at home therapeutic spa treatment, add a generous amount to a hot bath and soak your body for about 30 minutes.


For sinus pressure add 1 tsp. of sulphur cream in a pot of hot water with a towel draped over your head and inhale the steam for 5-10 min.


***If you notice your sulphur cream has formed a rust-like tint, don't worry at all! It's just the oxidation of the iron, which is excellent for your blood! Mix it right back in and use as normal!***

Mixing Recommendations: Distilled Reverse Osmosis Water, Aloe Vera Juice, Herbal Teas, Milks, Yogurt, Dead Sea Mineral-Fusion Extracts or Hydrosols of any type. Mix to desired consistency. Best application consistency  is liken to slightly thinned pudding.


Use 1/2 oz per facial & 4-5 oz per body wrap. Customize per client with 1-3% essential oil(s). Use 3-6% of oil weight for natural soap making.



ALSO...We really love our pets and want to provide them with the most all natural and best care we possibly can; it just so turns out that some of the things we love so, so much are just as great for them, like volcanic sul'fur' cream on their hotspots. The sulphur dries those itchy spots right up leaving your dog wanting more. We are creating more products all the time to give our fur babies the happiest life possible so keep a look out for what is to come!




Please note: This is a raw mud product.  Mixing is required. Variations of colors from browns, greys & blacks are normal for this product. At times, sulfur tones may be more dominant based upon mining areas. To minimize sulfur aroma - place in a stainless steel pot and use low heat for 30-45 minutes. Stirring constantly.