Good Vibes at the Castle in the Sky

August 31, 2017

Back in mid-July, Sas, Emese and I found the opportunity to collide our energies in a cataclysmic burst of glitter filled unicorn glory. With Emese in Africa volunteering for the Peace Corps for the last two years and me in the states caring for my father since January, Sas has been manning the wheel on St. John which has made technology our only avenue of communication. We were overjoyed to have some solid time together to focus on all the most positive vibes and discuss the future of Nature Island Importers. We believe strongly that play is conducive to imagination and creativity in our work, so we fueled up with vigor!  During our little stint, we found much opportunity to frolic on the beaches with our St. Johnian comrades, all of us slathered in sulphur cream and loving it. 



Our skin feels amazing. Our hearts are full. The energy of the islands and of our tribe have infused and revitalized our minds, bodies and souls preparing us for the excitement of journeys to come.


Sas is headed to Dominica soon to replenish our stocks of sulphur cream, bay oil, cacao and spices for the upcoming season. She, as always, will be hand picking and personally inspecting all of our products before importing them to St. John. Stay tuned for all the happenings, but, in the meantime, you can find our sulphur cream on our website ( or at any of the following retailers in the US and British Virgin Islands:


St. John:   Concordia Eco-Resort, Pickles in Paradise, Mumbo                            Jumbo, Colombo's Smoothie Stand, St. John Spice,

                 Now & Zen, Bamboula, St. John Brewers, Caneel Bay,                      Cinnamon Bay, The Westin Spa, St. John Hardware, 

                 St. John Rocks


St. Thomas:  SOS Bar, Natural Living, Barefoot Buddha,                                        Rhiannon's


Jost Van Dyke: Foxy's Taboo, Wendall's

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