Pure Bay Oil- known as Pimenta racemosa  is not to be confused with Bay Rum, Bay Laurel or Laurel Leaf. Bay Oil must be diluted. This Bay Oil can be used as a massage oil - a few drops mixed mixed with coconut oil- also repels mosquitoes or as a freshener when cleaning- add a few drops in a bucket of water when mopping- again- repels bugs. Like bay rum,  Bay oil is frequently used in cosmetics and perfumery, specifically in men’s personal care products. Promotes Appetite. ...Promotes Wound Healing. ...Inhibits Growth Of Bacteria. ...Provides Relief From Spasms. ...Relieves Pain. ...Astringent Properties. ...Stimulates Bile Secretion. ...Promotes Regular Menstrual FlowRemoves ToxinsPrevents Nerve Damage. This is certified Pure Bay Oil from Dominica. 

Bay Oil (Pimenta Racemosa)




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