Explore Dominica

Feeling like this nature island vortex is right up your alley?

here are a few of our favorite things.  

  • JustGO Dominica Adventure Tours

    • Our friend, Nahjie, grew up exploring the nooks and crannies of Dominica ​and ultimately became a canyoning guide on island. In 2014, he opened his own adventure business and is giving his clients exclusive, personalized tours. If adventure is your thing, look no further. Nahjie and his team have exactly what you want!                                                          http://justgodominica.com


  • Dominica Vibes

  • Dominica Festivals

    • Whether ​the Jazz n' Creole Fest or Carnival, the people of Dominica know how to celebrate. This is your go to guide for the experience. http://dominicafestivals.com

  • Embrace Dominica

    • These guys know all there is to know about Dominica from the history of the island to the top ten things to do  while you are there. They know what is up, no doubt! http://embracedominica.com

  • Dominica Food and Drink

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