About Bay oil

Bay Oil (Pimenta Racemosa) is harvested from the Pimenta Racemosa tree in Dominica. It is not to be confused with the bay leaves used is cooking as it is a different chemical composition. The fresh bay leaves are steam distilled to form a dark amber colored oil. It is not Bay Rum or Bay Laurel which are common forms seen on the market but is a rather rare form for bay found in few countries, and is known for its homeopathic medicinal properties.


homeopathic medicinal properties

Antiseptic: protects wounds against infections by inhibiting bacterial growth.

Antibiotic: has no side effect unlike medicines on the market which impact the liver, heart and other internal organs.

Anti-neuralgic: analgesic properties reduce feeling of pain in affected area and astringent properties induce contraction of blood vessels which relieves pressure on cranial nerve giving immediate relief from pain

Anti-spamodic: helps relieve muscle spasms and cramps

Analgesic: reduce feeling of pain caused by respiratory infections such as cough and cold as well as headache and migraine

Astringent: induces contractions in muscles, blood vessels and tissues which can stop hemorrhage, strengthen grip of gums on teeth and scalp on hair roots (thus preventing loss of both) and to pull up sagging skin and muscles. 

Insecticide: lethal to insects, disinfects an leaves a fresh scent; it can be used as a fumigant in sprays and vaporizers or mixed in a cleaning bucket


Tonic: enhances stomach functionality by promoting bile discharge into stomach which is used to break down complex food molecules and to neutralize the excess acids which wear down the inner lining of the stomach thereby helping maintain the acid and base balance keeping it safe from infections, ulcers and acidity



Boosts appetite: used as an herbal aperitif to enhance appetite in order to reduce acute deficiencies caused by loss of appetite which is a very common problem especially in the elderly




  • Make a blend of oils to use as a massage oil on the skin inclusive of a carrier oil such as coconut or almond oils. It is important to dilute bay oil because it is very potent. Never use it alone directly on the skin. Some of our favorite recipes include:

Favorite Facial Moisturizer: 10 drops bay oil and 2 oz coconut oil

Sleep blend: 10 drops bay oil, 2-3 does sweet orange oil, 1 top clove oil and 1 tablespoon almond oil  


Anti-depressant blend: 2 drops bay oil, 4 drops black pepper oil, 4 drops bergamot oil and 1 tablespoon jojoba oil

Bath: 6-10 drops in your water and ENJOY!

Scalp Treatment: 25 drops and 2 oz coconut oil

  • Use a diffuser to fill the air your breath while you sleep or all the time. The bay permeating the air in such a way not only helps you but will also keep pests at bay. 3 to 5 drops with distilled water will freshen your room right up! 2 drops of bay oil and 4 drops of myrtle oil with distilled water in your diffuser can help treat flu symptoms. 

  • Add a couple of drops of our bay oil to your shampoo to assist with dandruff. 

  • Make your own cleaning supplies by combining bay oil, vinegar and a soap like Dr. Bronner's with water in your mop bucket or in a spray bottle. You can add other essential oils of your liking as well. Not only does it smell good and keep bugs away, but it actually works and is healthy for your household. 

Ways to enjoy the benefits of our Bay Oil

Bay oil production

Bay oil after distillation

Bay oil after distillation

Distillery after Hurricane Maria

Distillery after Hurricane Maria

Local Distillery

Local Distillery

Local distillery

Local distillery

Distillery after Hurricane Maria

Distillery after Hurricane Maria

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