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About Nancy Nemeth, lovingly known as 'Sas'

Nature Island Importers began seven years ago when owner Nancy Nemeth, lovingly known as Sas, began traveling to the Caribbean's Nature Island of Dominica from her home on St. John in the US Virgin Islands. In her years of travel, Sas formed a bond with the energy and people of Dominica which have guided her to the all natural goodness that the island provides. Initially, Sas began bringing items she loved back home to St. John to share with her friends and family; everyone loved her gifts so much that she decided to begin importing larger amounts of her favorite items to share with her community at large. Over the years, Sas has officially turned Nature Island Importers into a business that provides buyers worldwide with Pure Volcanic Clay and Pure Bay Oil. As the business expands, Sas is dedicated to bringing only the best of the best to the table. She travels to Dominica quarterly to scour the hillsides with her local guide for the the most pure, straight from the earth products she can find.